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  • Teachers of English as a Second Language- ESL, EFL, TOEFL, TOEIC
  • Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities - Autism, Slow Development
  • Non-Native English Speaking Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers
  • English Speaking Parents of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers
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Learn English by Singing and having Fun!

Welcome Kids, Parents and Teachers

Busy Beavers is a fun, unique method of learning English using interactive media.
Toddlers, preschoolers and students all over the world love our catchy songs and colorful videos!

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Everyone Needs an Education

"Beavers Helping People" is an initiative we began in early 2010. Our mission is simple - Get our learning material to kids who need it but can't afford it.

In the past year Busy Beavers has worked with over 50 different Schools and Non-Profit Organizations all over the world.

We've assisted schools in Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Iran, China, Brazil, USA and elsewhere. Click here to learn more.

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Busy Beavers - Developing English Learning Media for over 8 years -


But our 2 Key Principles remain the same:


1. Speaking comes before Reading and Writing.


2. Always speak in Full Sentences.



The Busy Beaver Method helps children learn English grammar and vocabulary at the same time
through asking and answering questions.


The lessons progress slowly with a high focus on repetition. This helps students build self-confidence.


Our system began as an ESL Curriculum for English as a Second Language students in Asia.


Over time English Teachers, Preschool Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Early Childhood Educators,
Parents who Home School and Teachers who work with children with developmental disabilities
such as Autism Spectrum and speech delays discovered our resources and began incorporating
them into their lessons.


Now we have subscribers in over 40 different countries and our Textbooks, CDs and DVDs
are being used in every corner of the globe.


Toddlers as young as 18 months old learn basic English words and phrases by engaging
with our colorful, catchy videos.


Many parents of children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities like autism
and slow speech have contacted us to tell us that our videos have helped their child
communicate more effectively.


We hope that you enjoy using our Free Media provided on this site.


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our English lesson videos, plus over 350 English Worksheets,
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Teachers' Tips and more


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Happy Teaching!


Dave Martin - Creator of Busy Beavers

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North Vancouver, BC
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