Terms & Conditions

Subscriptions to the Online Resources

Busy Beavers has been operating as a Subscription Website for over 3 years. We have thousands of subscribers world-wide. This has earned us a reputation for prompt personal customer service, approachability and fairness. Subscribers are always encouraged to send us an email directly with any questions or concerns regarding their account.

We take every inquiry seriously and do our utmost to accommodate our users in a friendly, helpful, cooperative and timely manner. Subscription to the Online Resources are in 3 month intervals beginning at the time of initial payment. After three months, the account is automatically renewed and the subscriber is re-billed for another 3 months. Subscribers wishing to cancel their subscription to the Online Resources may do so at any time.

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to cancel their account prior to the date that re-billing occurs. Subscribers can do this by either logging into their Pay Pal account and canceling their subscription themselves or sending an email to and requesting we do it for them. If you paid for your subscription using Pay Pal, instructions on how to cancel your subscription are on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. If you need help with this process then email a request that your subscription be canceled and we will do it for you. Email requests for subscription cancellation must be sent a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of account renewal to ensure re-billing does not occur.

Refunds for recurring bills to the Online Resources are possible if the buyer contacts Busy Beavers directly by email and requests a refund within 14 days of the time the last payment was made. Do not begin a Pay Pal dispute with Busy Beavers requesting a charge-back. Should you feel that you are entitled to a refund for recurred billing contact Busy Beavers directly by email and explain your situation. It is always faster and easier to resolve any re-billing issue by communicating directly with us through email rather than through a third party (Pay Pal).

Email requests for subscription cancellation must be sent a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of account renewal to ensure re-billing does not occur. Subscribers who paid for their account by credit card need to send us an email and request that their account be canceled minimum 7 days prior to the date of account renewal. We will cancel your account so your credit card is not re-billed and send you a confirmation email stating this has occurred. As a family-centered, educational website our main goal is to help our customers get great value and benefit from the media we create. Please always contact us directly with your concerns, we are happy to help.

Ordering Hard Copy

Amazon manages all orders, dispatch and shipping of hard copy orders. Please refer to Amazon's terms and conditions for more information.

For discs that do not play properly

Provided that the buyer’s computer meets the minimum system requirements and the buyer has attempted to resolve any codec issues by installing Gom and VLC player and also attempted to play the disc on a computer running Windows 7 or Mac OS X, should the disc in all of these cases exhibit the same problem – Busy Beavers will send a free replacement disc to the original address provided by the buyer.

For Damaged Products

Busy Beavers will replace products that arrive at the buyers address damaged to the point where they are unusable. In this situation, the buyer may need to provide photo or video evidence of the damage and the date the package arrived. In this situation, Busy Beavers will replace the damaged product for free.

For Products that did not arrive

In some situations, packages can take longer to arrive than the 10 business days advertised by the Air Mail Postal Service. The buyer must wait a minimum of 6 weeks from the time of purchase for the product to arrive before Busy Beavers will send out a replacement order. Should the buyer wait longer than 6 weeks and the package has still not arrived – it is the buyer’s responsibility to contact Busy Beavers and often provide a different mailing address in order for Busy Beavers to re-send the order.

For Refunds on Textbooks, DVDs and CDs

Buyers who want a complete refund on any hard copy product purchased through our website are responsible for paying for the shipping cost to return those items back to our Mailing Center in New Zealand. Once the returned items are received in New Zealand a refund for the cost of the products and the original shipping cost can be issued. For further questions please contact us directly.

$20 USD for 3 months

Members get Unlimited Access to our Streaming Videos and Downloadable Songs, Language Lessons, Worksheets, Flash Cards and Textbooks.